About Us

Our philosophy

We believe in talented artist. Our passion to create great music stems from our own creativity in music and others that can create good music. It drives us to continue helping artist build pathways to success in their own careers. We are very profound to creating good and quality music.

Our Story

OnEShot Music Group is a UK music based label which was Founded in 2009 by Theo Davis. This is were the company’s origins goes back to the formation of OnEShot Entertainment in November 2009 which included his brother Linton Murray. The two together started off as producers and from the early stages of their music career they were creating music for musicians within the reggae and dancehall industry. Even though creating music was there passion they strongly believed that there wasn’t enough labels that supported dancehall and reggae music so by creating a label it will someday cement a pathway for talented dancehall musicians to create a musical career Worldwide.

In November 2011, Theo Davis paired up with his childhood friends Jermaine Francis, Orville Haughton & Kevin Forbes to create a stronger team to help support them as label owners.

He believes that having people that supports his vision within his team will create a strong label. The five label owners to date have helped in the release of two Eps & four albums.