Where is OnEShot Music Group located?

OMG is currently based in United Kingdom. OMG’s corporate headquarters are located at 5 Farrant Avenue in Wood Green London, United Kingdom.

How do I obtain information on internships and employment at your organization?

For information on working for OnEShot Music please click here.

How can I find out more about artists on the OnEShot Music Group roster?

For more updates of the latest artist information, please visit our individual artist websites which will also have the most current social media information for your favorite artists and bands. For additional updates, you can also follow the OnEShot Music Group Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How do I submit a demo to OnEShot Music Group?

Demo submissions should be directed to OMG’s record labels, but kindly note that they are unable to accept unsolicited material. Typically, demos are recommended to one of our labels’ A&R departments by a manager, agent, producer, radio DJ or other industry professional.

I am a company or brand looking to partner with OnEShot Music Group label or artist. Where should I direct my inquiry?

The OnEShot Music Group & Brands division provides innovative, tailor-made business solutions to companies and brands. Please visit the OnEShot Music Co operations section for further information and contact details.

 I believe that I may be owed royalties from OnEShot Music Group, who may I contact for assistance?

If you believe you are owed either artist or mechanical royalties from a OnEShot Music Group Label, or have not received a statement, we may not have your correct address on file. Please visit the Royalties form to sign up to view your royalty statements online and find out how to update your address. If you have an issue related to Artist or Mechanical Royalties that requires you to speak to someone, you may leave a message with the Royalty Help Line (+447931290630) or contact us by email at [email protected] Please include your full name, phone number and a brief description of the issue in your message. Someone on our service team will either call or email you back.

If your songs are published through OnEShot Music Group (OMG), or you otherwise believe you are owed Royalties from OMG, you may also email us at / to view your royalties. If you have questions you can leave a message with the OMG Royalty Customer Service Line (+447931290630) or contact OMG by email at [email protected]. Please include your full name and phone number in your message. For additional information you may also visit the For OMG Artist section on this website.

I found your music being distributed or sold illegally on another web site or service. How can I report this?

If you see an example of OMG music being illegally distributed please feel free to contact us here.

I’m a member of the media, how can I contact someone in your communications department?

Please contact us via email at [email protected] and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.

I wish to book a OnEShot artist for an event, OR I wish to book one of your producers to work with,  How can I go about this.  

For all bookings please fill out the form below.

Alternativley you can contact us via email at [email protected] .

We aim to respond within 24hours


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